A Writer’s Voice

I’ve never been entirely sure what voice is, while at the same time I feel it’s something I know in my bones, unique as a retinal print. As a writer, my voice is part of me. Yet it’s not static. The time my voice comes out most is when I’m not focusing on craft (tools […]

Playing Dress-Up

The first romance novels I remember reading in my adolescence, or at least skimming, were Harlequin Presents. Few details stick with me now, but I still remember that getting dressed up was an important part of feminity in those novels. When the heroine was about to go on an outing, her outfit for the occasion […]

Raymond Chandler on prose style

“The most durable thing in writing is style, and style is the most valuable investment a writer can make with his time. It pays off slowly, your agent will sneer at it, your publisher will misunderstand it, and it will take people you have never heard of to convince them by slow degrees that the […]

Siegfried Sassoon, "Invocation"

Invocation Come down from heaven to meet me when my breathChokes, and through drumming shafts of stifling deathI stumble toward escape, to find the doorOpening on morn where I may breathe once moreClear cock-crow airs across some valley dimWith whispering trees. While dawn along the rimOf night’s horizon flows in lakes of fire,Come down from […]