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I am beginning to have a theory about different types of erotic novels which are meant to appeal to different tastes or moods of their readers. One type privileges the sex scenes over other types of scenes, which may be given short shrift. To me, this type of book seems more easily broken apart into a series of scenes meant to be read one at a time, perhaps one each night. Forward motion is less important than dwelling in each scene as it happens. The reader can get to know the characters, and added familiarity with them adds to the enjoyment of each subsequent scene, but there’s not plot-fueled rush to find out what happens. Examples might be Passion by P.F. Kozak and Kate Douglas’ Wolf Tales series, or Emma Holly’s Velvet Glove.
There’s also a type of erotic novel with a driving plot; it doesn’t have to be a complex or elaborate plot, but there is a problem the characters must solve, with the sex scenes advancing them towards that goal. The goal might be a romantic relationship or sexual discovery or might be something else. The sex is likely to be part of the problem and its solution. Examples might be sEmma Holly’s vampire books or All U Can Eat, or Kate Pearce’s Regency Simply series.
I have to think more on this–it’s still a vague shape in my mind. I’d appreciate comments if you have them.

The picture is of Johhny Weismuller.

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