Shopping and Recharging

Happy Friday!

The illustration for this post in the grand central hall of Wanamaker’s department store in Philadelphia, currently owned by Macy’s.

When I’ve been writing for several hours and my brain has been emptied onto the page, I often spend the afternoon shopping. Not for books, but for things like clothing or toiletries or household supplies. Not necessarily to buy anything, just to wander and look at the merchandise and watch the people. I think of it as refilling my brain.

How about you? How do you recharge?

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10 replies on “Shopping and Recharging”

  1. I like to run errands like go grocery shopping. I know it’s weird, but it gets me away from the computer and I can let my mind zone as I stare at spinach and apples. My brain waves go completely beta and I zombie out a bit.

    I do write and work from home so my butt gets stuck in this chair. I need to get a life, don’t I?

  2. I usually recharge by zoning out playing video games. Either Final Fantasy games on a console or Sims 2 on my computer. Either way works as complete mindless entertainment, no real world thinking involved and it helps me charge back up after being drained when I finish a heavy burst of writing or after a long day of brain-breaky edits lol.

  3. I shop, read or sleep depending upon the intensity of the writing in question. Early this month I write a short novella draft in a weekend and spent the day in the middle napping and eating.

  4. Fae, I often play Free Cell BEFORE I write, oddly enough. I am terrible at video games, though.

    Emily, I often nap after the shopping–it makes it seem like a new day when I wake up, and I can write again in the evening.

  5. I clean the house (like super spring cleaning), go to the beach, and/or I also catch up on reading.

  6. I wish I had a handy beach to visit in the afternoons….

    Reading I have to be careful with. It can’t be anything TOO fun, or I won’t go back to writing.

  7. I read.

    Well, once in a while I’ll do something crazy like go on a date with my husband. I’m nutty like that.

  8. Either I watch a movie or read. Sometimes I take a walk. What I like about walking is that if I had some knotty plot problem come up during the writing, lo and behild, I usually solve it during my walk. Haven’t been walking lately, however, as need a better pair of walking shoes. :)

  9. Walking works really well for me, too. I think that’s part of why the window-shopping works so well–I’m moving the whole time.

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