Normative Heterosexuality and the Alpha Male Fantasy

Normative(Adjective): of or establishing a norm or standard. Romance novels feature vast numbers of heroes who are so-called “alpha” males – usually taken to mean men who are better-looking and stronger than other men, with more dominant personalities, and usually some other advantage as well, such as high social rank, large amounts of money, or […]

Edmund Blunden, "Concert Party: Busseboom"

Concert Party: Busseboom The stage was set, the house was packed,The famous troop began;Our laughter thundered, act by act;Time light as sunbeams ran. Dance sprang and spun and neared and fled,Jest chirped at gayest pitch,Rhythm dazzled, action spedMost comically rich. With generals and lame privates bothSuch charms worked wonders, tillThe show was over – lagging […]

Moonlight Mistress excerpt – Food

Welcome to Snippets Saturday! While driving from Germany to France, Lucilla Daglish asks Pascal Fournier about his first sexual experience. # Pascal paused, as if remembering. “The widow Jacques stood behind a table that was dusted with flour. She wore an apron, decorated with flowers, and a cap over her hair, of the same fabric. […]

Food in Fiction

I like to put food in my fiction. First of all, people eat. What they eat can say a lot about their character, and about the world in which they live, and about their interactions with other characters. Does Oscar make breakfast for Max? If so, does he make Max’s favorite (chocolate-frosted sugar bombs dipped […]

The Art of War – World War One Poster Art

Today’s post is what is sometimes referred to as “picspam.” I find WWI-era posters fascinating. Here are a few interesting ones. I’ll post some recruitment posters later this month. Posters aimed at financing the war were very common. Here’s a German war bond poster. Here’s one for the Russian liberty loan. Money was needed for […]