The Desire to Publish

What makes people want to have their fiction published? I’ve thought about this often: how some people burn for publication and others don’t; how for some, feedback from readers is a requirement, while for others simpy to write is enough; how a (paid) published writer will often get less feedback than the average fanfiction story; […]

Jeannie Lin Guest Post: Feminism in the Tang Dynasty

Please welcome my guest Jeannie Lin, Golden Heart finalist for her historical romance novel Butterfly Swords, which has, as of 7/15/09, sold to Harlequin Mills and Boon! My muses — four extraordinary women of the Tang dynasty. The characters at the top of each panel mean roughly: literacy, beauty, domination, heroism. Feminism in the Tang […]

Ann Aguirre Guest Post – On Worldbuilding

Please welcome my guest Ann Aguirre, author of futuristic romance and urban fantasy. # Some people make exhaustive lists before they start writing. They chart things and color code them and write them on cards. I’m not one of them. For me, world-building comes as an extension of character development, and I only know things […]