Anna de Noailles, "Verdun"

Verdun Silence cloaks this world-famous name:A boundless morrow wraps Verdun. There French men came, one by one,Step by step, by days, by hours,To prove their most proud, most stoic love. In the stygian test they have fallen asleep. Their trembling widow, immortal Verdun,As if to implore their transcendant returnRaises the two arms of her two […]

Montreal Sunday

This is the first time I’ve been able to get through with wireless for a while, and it wasn’t easy. Spent Thursday at the Botanical Gardens, five and half hours worth of walking–the picture above is from the Chinese Garden. Friday I did three panels and a reading. Saturday was hanging out and talking to […]

Anticipation Schedule – Updated

This is where I am today! My Worldcon schedule, for August 6-10, 2009. Session ID: 269What’s New in SF/F for Children & Teens: A discussion of what’s new in science fiction and fantasy for kids.Fri 10:00 AM, P-510C, 1 hourSharon Rawlins (mod.), Susan Fichtelberg, Victoria Janssen Session ID: 201Author ReadingsFri 3:30 PM, P-521A, 1 ½ […]

Wednesday in Montreal

Wednesday was devoted to the Biodome and a trip up to the top of the Olympic Stadium via funicular. Alas, at the Biodome I did not catch a glimpse of the sloths, and also missed the otters. But I saw at the golden tamarins and a baby monkey with its mother, a lynx, many lovely […]