I have a French edition! It goes on sale in France October 1, 2009 as Leçons de plaisir.

Amazon France purchase link.

Thanks to Marnie for her link!

About Victoria Janssen

Victoria Janssen’s first erotic novel, The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover (Harlequin Spice, December 2008), was translated into French and German. Her second Spice novel, The Moonlight Mistress (December 2009), was translated into Italian and nominated for a RT Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award. Her third novel is The Duke & The Pirate Queen (December 2010). She has also published erotic short stories as Elspeth Potter. Her blog features professional writing and marketing tips, genre discussion, book reviews, and occasional author interviews.
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11 Responses to Voila!

  1. GwynnaL says:

    Pleasure lessons? A wild diversion from the original!

  2. Natlyn says:

    I like it! Of course, I think it sounds better in French than it would in English. What do you think? Does it fit?

  3. Victoria Janssen says:

    I think it does fit. I'm very grateful the title is shorter!

  4. Jeannie Lin says:

    Ooh la la! Love it!

  5. Crystal Jordan says:


  6. Jenna Reynolds says:

    Very nice. I'll have to tell my sister-in-law about it. She teaches French!

  7. Kate Pearce says:

    ooh tres bon! (my french is a bit rusty and I can't remember whether books are feminine or masculine but you get the idsa)Very nice!

  8. Victoria Janssen says:

    Jenna, it's the NEW way to learn French! And you learn all kinds of great new words, too!

  9. Saskia Walker says:

    Oh yum, I love it. The crop works really well. Purple is my favourite colour!

  10. Ashlyn Chase says:

    Magnifique! Bon chance.


  11. Meagan says:

    Tres belle!

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