Spooky Book Recommendations

In honor of Halloween, I offer recommendations of creepy, scary, horrifying fiction. The Bloody Chamber, a collection of short stories by Angela Carter, all explicitly based on fairy tales. Warning: these stories are not for the squeamish! Really, they’re not. At all. But they’re powerfully written and well worth rereading and pondering. Cherie Priest is […]

Linkgasm #2

A Writing Revolution at Seedmagazine.com. “Nearly everyone reads. Soon, nearly everyone will publish.” That’s not a new idea. “Consumers” who write have been around for a long, long time. I was reminded immediately of The Organization for Transformative Works. And Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide as well as Fans, Bloggers, […]

Jane Austen Didn’t Let Other People Tell Her What To Write

“My Dear Sir, I am honoured by the Prince’s thanks and very much obliged to yourself for the kind manner in which you mention the work. … You are very kind in your hints as to the sort of composition which might recommend me at present, and I am fully sensible that an historical romance, […]

Jessica Freely – Wildly Successful E-Book Promotion – Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Jessica Freely! # Hi, I’m m/m erotic romance author Jessica Freely and I’m guest blogging here today. Thank you, Victoria, for having me over! I just had a new ebook, Rust Belt, come out last month, so the topic of promotion has been on my mind lately. You know promotion. We’re […]

The Intricacies of Marriages of Convenience

I may have mentioned once or twice (ahem) how much I love the “marriage of convenience” plot. I recently finished reading one of Mary Balogh’s recent novels, First Comes Marriage, which I really enjoyed, and which also got me thinking again about why I find that plot so rewarding, particularly in historical romance.Obviously, you can […]