My Philcon 2009 Schedule

I’ll be at Philcon this weekend. My schedule is below. Fri 7:00 PM in Plaza IFANTASY BASED ON NON-EUROPEAN SOURCESVictoria Janssen (mod), Stephanie Burke, James L. Cambias, Christine Norris, Tom Doyle You don’t have to go “all medieval on me” to write fantasy. What are the best examples of fantasy not based on European backgrounds […]

Cherry-Picking Time

An editor to whom I’d previously sold reprints contacted me last week about possibly contributing to a new anthology. Immediately, this made my heart sing. It sang even more when I found out I could write any subgenre of “hot romance” that I chose. Whee! Ideas ideas ideas! I’ve been missing writing short fiction, and […]

Siegfried Sassoon, "Aftermath"

It’s Armistice/Remembrance/Veterans’ Day today. Aftermath Have you forgotten yet?… For the world’s events have rumbled on since those gagged days, Like traffic checked while at the crossing of city-ways: And the haunted gap in your mind has filled with thoughts that flow Like clouds in the lit heaven of life; and you’re a man reprieved […]