The Pronoun Problem

If you haven’t read it yet, check out this article in the LA Weekly: Man on Man: The New Gay Romance. Some of the arguments will be familiar to slash fans, but I was impressed that they interviewed Constance Penley, among others. One of the problems unique to writing homosexual erotica is pronouns. How do […]

Robert Frost, "Not To Keep"

Not to Keep They sent him back to her. The letter cameSaying… And she could have him. And beforeShe could be sure there was no hidden illUnder the formal writing, he was in her sight,Living. They gave him back to her aliveHow else? They are not known to send the deadAnd not disfigured visibly. His […]

Grit Under My Boots

If I’m reading a historical novel, or for that matter, a science fiction or fantasy novel, or a romance, or any other genre, I want to feel the grit underneath my boots. Even in a shiny futuristic city where everyone wears white because nothing is dirty, I want to see the dirt. Because the dirt […]