A Writer’s Brain Radio

Ever wanted to know what goes through a writer’s mind as she’s writing? Look no more! Is this sentence too long? It’s the opening sentence, it’s too long and confusing, and the reader will stop reading and never read my book! If I cut it into two sentences, does it turn into blah utilitarian prose […]

Victoria Janssen Interviews Herself

I thought it would be fun to interview myself, using the questions from Inside the Actors Studio.1. What is your favorite word? Song. 2. What is your least favorite word? Moist. 3. What turns you on? Beautiful voices and kindness and intelligence. 4. What turns you off? Arrogance, especially when there’s no real strength behind […]

Blackadder Goes Forth

Rather than summarize the British dark comedy series Blackadder Goes Forth for those who’ve never seen the series, I’ll provide a link to the detailed Wikipedia page. It’s set on the Western Front in 1917, and starred Rowan Atkinson. A comedy set in the trenches? Why, yes. It does work. Fans of the American television […]