Steampunk Bronze

I recently attended Arisia, a Boston-area science fiction/fantasy/a lof of other things conference. I got permission from Butch Honeck, one of my favorite sculptors in bronze, to post some photos from his dealer room at the convention.Here’s a steampunk-style pistol he built (bonus sepia for bonus steampunk-ness!). You can’t tell from the photo, but it […]

Purposeful, Habitual, and Gratuitous

“As early as 1959 or ’60, I’d noticed that there was something terribly wrong with the female characters in most novels I was reading. Most of the writers (men and women) tended to conceive of their male characters as combinations of purposeful actions, habitual actions, and gratuitous actions. A female character, in contrast, would be […]

Louise Glück, "Parable of Flight"

Parable of Flight A flock of birds leaving the side of the mountain.Black against the spring evening, bronze in early summer,rising over blank lake water. Why is the young man disturbed suddenly,his attention slipping from his companion?His heart is no longer wholly divided; he’s trying to thinkhow to say this compassionately. Now we hear the […]

The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover Excerpt – Animals

# Perhaps an hour later, Camille heard hooves approaching, a horse at a gallop. She ran to the doorway, bridle in one hand and cleaning cloth in the other, determined to see. From a distance it was clear there was no danger; Henri rode Rhubarb, bareback, jumping him over a small bush here and some […]

Arisia 2010

I’m at Arisia this weekend. Here’s my schedule: Saturday, 11:30 am, Paul Revere BBroad Universe Reading90 minutes Saturday, 2:00 pm, Crispus Attucks“Jack the Ripper and the Historical Character”Katherine Crighton (mod.), Victoria Janssen, Gardner Dozois, Susan Casper, Sarah Clemens Saturday, 10:00 pm, Paul Revere B“The History of Fandom“Victoria Janssen (mod.), Don Sakers, Marlin May, A. Joseph […]

For Further Reading

This is a Post of Pimping. I really enjoy these blogs, to the point that I’m excited when there’s a new post, and think some of you might like them, too.Racy Romance Reviews. Great thoughtful reviews, and some wonderful discussions of romance novels from an ethics point of view. Promantica. “After nearly a half-century of […]