Explicit, Implicit, or Somewhere in Between? – Janet Mullany Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Janet Mullany! # Explicit, Implicit, or Somewhere in Between? Now and again (oh, I lie. I Google myself all the time) I come across a reference to my first Regency chicklit, The Rules of Gentility (HarperCollins, 2007), as a book that “has no sex in it.”Unfailingly it makes me laugh because […]

Alleys and Doorways Print Edition

A while back, my friend Meredith Schwartz edited an electronic anthology titled Alleys and Doorways: Stories of Queer Urban Fantasy for Torguere Press, and I agreed to write an Elspeth Potter story for it. I started that story over twice and eventually abandoned my initial attempt and wrote something completely different in a very limited […]

Realism in Fantasy (Sex) – Cecilia Tan Guest Post

Please welcome back my guest, Cecilia Tan! # I like the fantastic. I like magic and surrealism and being transported to another world by a book. And as anyone who has read pretty much anything I’ve written knows, I like to mix magic, surrealism, and escape with eroticism. But there reaches a point where if […]


I didn’t really start thinking about paragraphing – consciously – until a couple of years ago. My writers’ workshop was critiquing one of my pieces. I don’t remember if it was a short story or a novel, or even exactly when the meeting took place. But I clearly remember John pointing out that I’d “stepped […]

Siegfried Sassoon, "Joy-Bells"

Joy-Bells Ring your sweet bells; but let them be farewells To the green-vista’d gladness of the past That changed us into soldiers; swing your bells To a joyful chime; but let it be the last. What means this metal in windy belfries hung When guns are all our need? Dissolve these bells Whose tones are […]

Origin Stories – Katrina Williams

Please welcome my guest, Katrina Williams! # I began to write seriously in the tenth grade, but like all teenagers, would have benefited from looking up “seriously” in the dictionary, despite using the word on a frequent basis. I was convinced I would be a writer one day and majored in English Lit to prepare, […]