I’d worry if they talked back.

Today I’m in the Author Spotlight at Jessica Freely’s blog Friskbiskit, talking about the male/male relationship aspects of The Moonlight Mistress, among other things. # And for today’s pondering: How do we visualize (mentalize?) characterization? I’ve heard people say things like, “My characters refused to do that,” or “they said they wanted to do this […]

Research Books Whee!

I’m in a research flurry, collecting materials that I hope will be helpful in writing my second erotic novel set during World War One. I do the dance of new books! The Belgian Army in World War I is another Osprey book. These are slender but packed, packed I tell you, with detailed information and […]

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, "The Messages"

The Messages “I cannot quite remember…. There were five Dropt dead beside me in the trench–and three Whispered their dying messages to me….” Back from the trenches, more dead than alive, Stone-deaf and dazed, and with a broken knee, He hobbled slowly, muttering vacantly: “I cannot quite remember…. There were five Dropt dead beside me […]

Art has a shape.

“One thing that makes art different from life is that in art things have a shape; they have beginnings, middles, and endings. Whereas in life, things just drift along. In life, somebody has a cold, and you treat it as insignificant, and suddenly they die. Or they have a heart attack, and you are sodden […]

Maintaining Sexual and Romantic Tension

I think that all Romance plots ultimately involve deferring consummation of the relationship, whether the desired consummation is intercourse, marriage, a marriage proposal, or simple acknowledgement by the couple that they are in love. If a consummation happens at the novel’s beginning, then either internal or external circumstances must conspire to prevent a second, deeper […]

Kinesics in Fiction

The body language of one’s characters of course must have something in common with the readers’ experience, or it won’t communicate anything to them. But how to make descriptions of body language interesting? And reveal character in the specific as well as in the general sense? And be clear to the reader but at the […]

Cell Phones Make Life Difficult (For Writers)

When Tanya Huff’s vampire novels were made into a television series, Blood Ties, the original novels were re-released. The first time I read those books, I’d borrowed them from a friend. This time, I bought my own copies, since I was in the mood to reread them.(This post is not about that television show, but […]