Dialogue Tricks

This post was originally written for Lauren Dane’s Writerly Wednesday. The first time I tried to write a novel (the one I started over and over and over again), I workshopped it with a very small group of friends. One wrote journalistic nonfiction, one was writing, essentially, memoir, and one was a published poet and […]

"Nation, Race, and Empire," George Robb

British Culture and the First World War by George Robb. Chapter One, “Nation, Race, and Empire”During WWI, “Nationalism attempted to focus conflict outward–against a German foe inevitably constructed as a degenerate, barbaric ‘throwback’…As successful as such ideas were in garnering support for the war effort, they created problems of their own since ‘the nation,’ as […]

Geoffrey Dearmer, “The Turkish Trench Dog”

The Turkish Trench Dog Night held me as I crawled and scrambled near The Turkish lines. Above, the mocking stars Silvered the curving parapet, and clear Cloud-latticed beams o’erflecked the land with bars; I, crouching, lay between Tense-listening armies peering through the night, Twin giants bound by tentacles unseen. Here in dim-shadowed light I saw […]

Siegfried Sassoon, "Reconciliation"

Reconciliation When you are standing at your hero’s grave,Or near some homeless village where he died,Remember, through your heart’s rekindling pride,The German soldiers who were loyal and brave. Men fought like brutes; and hideous things were done; And you have nourished hatred, harsh and blind.But in that Golgotha perhaps you’ll findThe mothers of the men […]

Researching WWI Uniforms – Linkgasm #5

Even if you don’t have a library of World War One books, there are a number of useful websites that provide information about uniforms in that era. Here are some of the ones I’ve found useful. The Sutlers Stores produces replica uniforms for museum display and docent use. Note the “grayback” shirt which I mentioned […]