Charles Sorley, "Such, Such Is Death"

Such, Such Is Death Such, such is Death: no triumph: no defeat:Only an empty pail, a slate rubbed clean,A merciful putting away of what has been. And this we know: Death is not Life, effete,Life crushed, the broken pail. We who have seenSo marvellous things know well the end not yet. Victor and vanquished are […]

Punctuation & Style

I participated in a panel at Readercon last weekend that was all about punctuation. We were asked to bring examples of prose that used punctuation in interesting ways. I chose examples that I thought used a wide variety of punctuation, all of it intended to have specific effects. We didn’t end up using any of […]

Readercon 2010

I have a new free read posted on my website, in PDF format: Camille, Henri, Maxime, an erotic outtake from The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom & Their Lover. It was removed from the original submitted manuscript for pacing reasons. If you’ve ever heard me say, “I removed the sodomy for pacing reasons,” this is […]

Readercon 2010 Schedule

This is what I’ll be doing while everyone else is at RomCon! I’ll be at Readercon 2010 this weekend. For the special events, I’ll be participating in the Meet the Pro(se) party and the marathon reading of Theodore Sturgeon stories. Here’s my panel and talk schedule:Axes of Identity in Speculative FictionFriday 5 pm, ME/CTAndrea Hairston, […]