The 5th Seaforth Highlanders in the trenches

From The Great War Diaries of John Bruce Cairnie of the 5th Seaforth Highlanders, 1915, transcribed by James Bruce. # 06-Jul-15 A fine morning. Had to wait on after stand-to (3 a.m.) in case the Briggie comes along. Shaved, breakfasted and to bed. The redoubts were shelled while I slept and one high explosive landed […]

City of Independence

Today’s a big day here in Philadelphia – it’s Independence Day! There are many other reasons I love living in Philadelphia. Here are a couple of them. This mural, representing local independent radio station WXPN, is one. The mural is located in West Philadelphia.And here’s another reason – this church was built in 1886. It’s […]

Robert Graves, "A Dead Boche"

A Dead BocheTo you who’d read my songs of War And only hear of blood and fame, I’ll say (you’ve heard it said before) “War’s Hell!” and if you doubt the same, Today I found in Mametz Wood A certain cure for lust of blood: Where, propped against a shattered trunk, In a great mess […]

Brenda Shaughnessy, "Miracles"

Miracles I spent the whole daycrying and writing, untilthey became the same, as when the planet covers the sunwith all its might and stillI can see it; or when one dead body gives its heartto a name on a list. A match.A light. Sailing a signal flare behind me for another to find.A scratch on […]

Down the Rabbit Hole to Alison’s Wonderland

I’m over at the Savvy Authors blog today, talking about inspiration. Happy launch day to Alison’s Wonderland from Harlequin Spice!“From a perverse prince to a vampire-esque Sleeping Beauty, the stars of these reimagined tales are—like the original protagonists—chafing at desire unfulfilled.” Alison’s Wonderland blog, which features interviews with the anthology authors (including me, in my […]