Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, "Retreat"

Retreat Broken, bewildered by the long retreat Across the stifling leagues of southern plain, Across the scorching leagues of trampled grain, Half-stunned, half-blinded, by the trudge of feet And dusty smother of the AugustHe dreamt of flowers in an English lane, Of hedgerow flowers glistening after rain– All-heal and willow-herb and meadow-sweet. All-heal and willow-herb […]

LeGuin Festschrift

The Ursula LeGuin Festschrift, produced last year for her 80th birthday in an edition of one, will be coming out in print for the rest of us October 21, which happens to be Ursula LeGuin’s 81st birthday.You can pre-order (at a 25% discount) here. Contributions include fiction from John Kessel, Andrea Hairston, Sheree Renee Thomas, […]