Siegfried Sassoon, "Haunted"

Haunted Evening was in the wood, louring with storm. A time of drought had sucked the weedy pool And baked the channels; birds had done with song. Thirst was a dream of fountains in the moon, Or willow-music blown across the waterLeisurely sliding on by weir and mill. Uneasy was the man who wandered, brooding, […]

Speculative Erotica Markets — Philcon 2010

Almost every year at Philcon, I moderate the panel on selling fantastic (science fiction and fantasy) erotica. It was interesting this year to note how the panel topics have shifted over time: print to electronic to self-electronic.For several years, after I first began to publish erotica, just before the beginning of the twenty-first century, at […]

Rachel Kramer Bussel interview

Please welcome my guest, Rachel Kramer Bussel! Rachel and I met almost a decade back, when we were both reading our stories from Best Lesbian Erotica at Bluestockings in New York City. She graciously consented to answer some questions I had about the process of editing and her latest anthology, Passion: Erotic Romance for Women. […]

Siegfried Sassoon, "Elegy"

Elegy To Robert Ross Your dextrous wit will haunt us long Wounding our grief with yesterday. Your laughter is a broken song; And death has found you, kind and gay. We may forget those transient thingsThat made your charm and our delight: But loyal love has deathless wings That rise and triumph out of night. […]