I have purchased a Kindle! My first surprise, when I announced my purchase of an e-reader on Twitter, was how many people immediately demanded details. So I guess others have been pondering which e-reader, if any at all, just as much as I have.

My decision was based on a whole string of factors including reviews, personal discussions, and, umm, me having a gift certificate.

Before the actual device arrived, I was tickled to learn I could add content while it was in transit. So I bought a few books I’d wishlisted, samples of others, and then started looking at what was available for free download.


I don’t know yet how good the formatting is on all of those free books, but I was very pleased to find that a number of classics on my personal TBR were available for free, and I won’t have to check out large musty tomes from the library. We’ll see if that makes me go through my “classics” TBR faster, or not. At least I’m one step closer to finally reading some Wilkie Collins (The Moonstone
and The Woman in White), and Mary Shelley’s The Last Man, among others.

I will defintiely share more of my experiences with the Kindle once I actually have it in hand. ETA: It arrived late yesterday.