There were so many amazing costumes at Arisia! I could have spent all my free hours there photographing. But since I was often hurrying from one panel to another, I only managed to stop and ask a few of my absolute favorites to pose.

For instance, this one. I love her pose! To me, it’s a goth-dieselpunk version of The Thinker.

I’m a huge fan of Dr. Who, so these Dalek dresses made me literally squeal with delight. If I ever get married, these would be the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

I have several friends who knit and/or crochet, and they are always talking about the size of their yarn stashes. Here’s an alternate solution to using up some of that stash!

Finally, this isn’t really a costume, but is linked in to costuming; it’s a steampunky puppet theater. So cool.