Arisia 2012 Schedule

If you’re attending Arisia this weekend in Boston (January 13-16), below is my schedule. Schools for Magicians Douglas, Friday 5:30 PM Cecilia Tan (mod.), Mary Catelli, Frances K. Selkirk, Victoria Janssen, Ken Schneyer A Hogwarts degree isn’t the only path from mundanity to magehood. Let’s consider how writers have portrayed schools, including Roke, Unseen University, […]

Sexy Pirates

This post was originally written for The Smutketeers; I’ve expanded it here. Why did I want to write about pirates? Well, because they’re sexy. It’s the outfits, you know. All that silk and tattered finery! The amazing tattoos. The cutlasses. The way they grab hostages and lock them in cabins for their own pleasure. And […]

Life in the Freezer

I really love David Attenborough. He’s so interested in everything, and he communicates his interest through a television screen. Which is a writing lesson–putting yourself and your interests into what you’re saying or writing gives those words more energy. I recently watched the documentary he did on Antarctica, Life in the Freezer. It wasn’t specifically […]