Retail Pirates

I’m on the road again today, coming back from Boston, so I thought I would share with you the fruits of recent internet searches for Pirate Booty. (You may take that as you will.)

Black patent pirate dress flats. “Walk the plank with style in these mighty fine flats that be includin’ a spider-web stlye buckle made of brass and a pirate emblem lining for a lovely lass.” And are these toddler shoes adorable, or what? How about these baby shoes?

Awwwwwwww. Mini Pirate Rubber Duckies.

Pirate Soap Molds, anyone? Skull-and-crossbones shaped soaps. Filty Pirate Spiced Rum Booty, handmade in Hawaii. Villainess Soap.

Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate Game.

I have some Papo “mutant pirate” figurines already, so am tempted by the Papo Pirate Set which includes Wooden Leg Captain, Pirate Horse, Barbarossa Pirate, Conquistador Pirate, Cannon Pirate, Pirate w/ Grapnel, and Pirate Treasure Chest. The Old Gift Shop sells a range of highly crafted figurines, as well.

I am somewhat boggled by the Zippo Pirate Pocket Lighter.

A toy pirate ship and accessories, crafted from wood. The Barbarossa Pirate Ship is a less expensive wooden ship.

Playmobil has a Ghost Pirate Ship including figures that glow in the dark and working cannons.

The Fisher-Price Pirate Ship is pretty elaborate, but I think I like the Serpent Pirate Ship much better–that is one cool-looking toy.

The Matchbox Pirate Ship has a GIANT SQUID.

Finally, Lego has a whole range of Pirate Toys, ranging from the small to the OMGWTFBBQ.

I’m most tempted by Kraken Attackin …or by Brickbeard’s Bounty because it has A SHARK.

Cannon Battle has a working cannon!

Loot Island has a crocodile, a cannon, and a catapult. Also a pirate and castaway who can be eaten by the crocodile.

Imperial Flagship: this is the OMGBBQ!!! set if you were wondering, with 1,664 pieces.

I take no responsibility for profligacy that follows upon this post.

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