I hadn’t been writing for a while when I started up again a week or so ago. There are a lot of reasons, among them needing a break, coming up with my next big project (still working on that!), and achieving distance from a project so I could rework it into another form.

All those things take up a lot of my backbrain, which means that I haven’t been consciously thinking about writing very much, lately. Which is why I haven’t been writing about it much lately, either.

It’s hard for me to write about writing when I’m, well, writing. I’m not sure if it’s because I am incapable of it or, as seems more likely, thinking consciously about writing inhibits me psychologically when it comes to writing fiction.

I do have some ideas for writing craft posts, but I also wanted to ask: if you’re reading this, do you have a craft issue you’d like me to post about? Be as general or as specific as you like.