I haven’t spent a lot of time writing this month (mostly on purpose), but I did accomplish a few things, most of them very necessary.

1. I bought some books on the craft of writing, which I haven’t done in a long while. I’ve been reading them slowly, and really enjoying thinking about process when for so long, I’ve simply had to write, without much time for thinking.

2. I wrote several guest posts for different blogs, and figured out processes to keep track of my ideas, what I had promised to write, what I had written and sent in, etc.. Some of the posts have gone live already at the Heroes and Heartbreakers blog.

3. I reviewed statistics for my own blog and website, made a few adjustments, and started thinking about others. I updated my appearances page, and scheduled several blog posts in advance.

4. I collected all my writing-related expense information and sent it off to my tax preparer.

5. I reviewed, signed, and mailed the contract for a Spice Brief.

6. I attended a reading locally, and I had brunch with my local group of writers and editors, at which I met someone new whose two books I’d read a long time ago.

7. I continued to think about my new fantasy project.

8. I reviewed a manuscript for another writer.

9. I assembled the research books I will need for the Spice Brief I’m writing.