I’ve been wondering – how often have you found a book on Amazon through their category search?

Apparently, those categories are somewhat fueled by tags applied to items by users. Many items with the same tag, for instance “erotic romance,” can be found through clicking on a tag. Amazon’s tagging FAQ.

I confess, I have not used this functionality very much, but I have been thinking about it more lately. I made sure to tag each of my own books with relevant tags, for instance “world war one” for The Moonlight Mistress. It’s difficult to tell if this makes any major difference in sales, as this is only one retailer, but at the very least I hope tagging makes my books easier for people to find if they’re already looking for them, or looking for books like them. I think it will be particularly useful in the long run.

I went on a bit of a tagging spree and tagged a lot of other people’s books, too. The more people choose the same tag for a book, the more easily it can be found. One thing I noticed is that people can add tags that are not useful for categorization, such as tags that are actually complaints about the price of a book. It’s possible to disagree with a tag as well as agreeing with it – click on the tiny arrow next to the tag for this option.

I’m going to keep an eye out for articles and commentary on tagging and its results.

Amazon’s Tagging Cloud with the most frequently used tags.

If you’ve had any experiences with Amazon tagging, for good or bad, I would love your comments on the experience.

I’ve also received a recommendation for the Notepad for Kindle application. On checking, there are a range of similar apps. Has anyone out there found one they liked in particular?