I’m a guest at the Novelists, Inc. blog today, chatting about resting.

At Heroes and Heartbreakers, you can read my analysis of Balogh’s Tangled as an erotic romance. and my top 5 virgin (romance) heroes.

On to the links I didn’t write.

New-to-me blog The Pursuit of Harpyness posted “Eclectic Thoughts on Finding [Woman-Empowering] Erotica. It’s a great blog, I recommend browsing further that that one post.

Blogger Amazon on Sex, Sexwork, and Pornography, “a jumping-off point to talk about social perceptions of sexwork and sexworkers.”

Alison Tyler notes there’s a new review of her anthology Frenzy: 60 Stories of Sudden Sex, in which I have a bit of flash fiction, only 100 words long.

There’s a conference today at the University of Cinncinnati that I wish I could attend! It’s on social justice and the media, with a number of talks relating to gender and sexuality issues. Here are a few of the more interesting-sounding papers: Disco Stick: Lady Gaga and the Phallus, Anna Huelefeld; The Gaga Manifesto: Gender, Sexuality and Cyborg Mythmaking, Christina Black; Women Creating Desire for Themselves: Slash Fanfiction, Boys’ Love Manga, and Expanding the Possibilities of Pornography, Caroline Hyatt; and several others. Hopefully, some of the papers will be available online.