Reviews of Dream Lover

I have a post up at The Criminal Element today: Hijinks with History: Abigail Adams as Detective? Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance, an anthology in which I have a short story, “Vanilla,” has received a number of reviews so far. The Discriminating Fangirl liked it–“Vanilla” was mentioned as a favorite on the romantic […]

Days of Our (Future) Lives: Romance in J.D. Robb

One of the reasons J.D. Robb’s mystery series has continued so long, so successfully, is that it has ongoing romantic elements. There’s the main couple, futuristic police detective Eve Dallas and her financier husband Roarke, but there is also a host of secondary characters. In the first novel, Naked in Death, Eve and Roarke meet […]

“Garrow’s Law,” Series 1

I have a new post up at The Criminal Element today, titled Dynamic Duos: Wimsey and Vane. I recently finished watching Garrow’s Law, Series One. The series is a little bit like Law and Order: Georgian England, with Andrew Buchan in the lead role. It’s about William Garrow, a real historical figure, and how he […]