A Few More Readercon Reports

Most of these links are related to specific panel content. Joshua of Glyphpress wishes all cons were like Readercon. Kate Nepveu’s report, includes her recollections of “The Dissonant Power of Alternative Voicing” and “Borders (if Any) Between Fan Fiction and Original Fiction.” For “Paranormal Romance and Otherness” she noted “if your similar-to-our-world setting is diverse […]

Historical Mystery Series I Have Loved

My mystery-reading binge isn’t quite as overwhelming as it was for a while, but I’m still in that mode, especially feeling a craving for historicals. I’m thinking of doing some rereads. I recommend both of these series very highly. Sarah Smith’s pre- and post-WWI trilogy that starts with The Vanished Child (this is one series […]

Janet Mullany on Time Travel

Please welcome my guest, Janet Mullany! # Time Travel A woman wiser than myself—my agent—told me I had a contemporary voice and although I didn’t believe her, I gave it a shot and ended up with a two-book contract for contemporaries for Harlequin Spice. The first one, Tell Me More, is on sale at the […]