If you’ve written a convention report, the Readercon LiveJournal community is asking that you post a link in the comments here.

Sherwood Smith proposed an online Bittercon for those unable to attend Readercon. AttackFish has an essay on “Are We Not Men – Human Women and Beast-Men in Paranormal Romance” with some in-depth comments. There’s a long discussion of the same topic in comments over at Sherwood Smith’s LiveJournal. Also from Bittercon, Why We Love Bad Writing.

So far as actual attendance goes, Erin Kissane live-blogged/reported on several panels: The Pseudo-Religiosity of Teleological SF; Borders (If Any) Between Fan Fiction and Original Fiction; and Eucatastrophe.

Delia Sherman’s report.

Transcript of “Still Waiting for My Food Pills” (with pictures!) at the Belm Blog.

Madeleine Robins reports. (Her new Sarah Tolerance book is out this fall!)