There are far too many Readercon reports proliferating on the internet for me to link them all, but here are a few of interest!

A report in The New Scientist.

A report on Classic Non-Fiction: The Jewel Hinged Jaw, “a concise review of Samuel R. Delany’s career in the literary criticism of SF.”

There’s a video of Michael Swanwick’s interview of Guest of Honor Gardner Dozois, taken by Scott Edelman. More of the videos Scott took, including Chip Delany interviewing Katherine MacLean, the winner of this year’s Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award, and Howard Waldrop’s reading.

Joy Marchand’s Report – she most enjoyed the non-panel events.

Grady Hendrix scored an…interesting book.

Boston Bibliophile’s report, “A Lit Fic Snob Dabbles in SF.”

Random quotes from Readercon panels from Margie’s Blog. She also provides notes on Madeleine Robins’ workshop on fight scenes.

A report from Rose Fox, with reports of the Shirley Jackson and Rhysling Awards.