I haven’t posted a lot about writing lately – that’s because I haven’t been doing much writing!

Part of that is because I needed some time for family and friends, and part of it is that I desperately needed some time off. However, I’ve also been busy with the business side of writing, mostly networking, which doesn’t translate well into interesting blog posts (unless you like name-dropping). I attended the IASPR and RWA conferences, and later this week will be attending Readercon. I wrote some posts for Heroes and Heartbreakers and The Criminal Element and the Novelists, Inc. blog. I collected a whole pile of calls for submissions to consider in the coming months, after I’ve finished the story that’s currently under contract with Harlequin. I’ve started the process of adding another venue for online sales, though that’s been temporarily sidetracked by all my traveling. I’m trying to make a decision about attending the Novelists, Inc. conference in October.

All of that is important, and all of it takes time and mental space.