One week from today, a New York book club is having a meeting. They read a “light” book every August. This August, it’s my first book, The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom & Their Lover. I was invited to attend.

My book didn’t get chosen randomly – I went to college with one of the book club members. She’s promised me that if they have things they really hate about the book, they will save them for the next meeting, when I’m not there. (Heh.)

I am actually pretty excited, and glad I was invited. I’ve already booked my travel and a hotel room for the night. This is the first time a book club has read one of my books (that I know of) and I’m desperately curious what they will think of it, from their pov of people used to talking about more literary fiction. Will they see anything that I didn’t realize I’d intended? And, after so long, what do I think of the book myself?