Kindle Lending

I have successfully lent a Kindle book! A friend of mine in Minneapolis recently purchased a used Kindle. We share many tastes in romance and speculative fiction, so we decided to give the lending function a try. We went through our respective lists of e-books and compared what we had. It was a little amusing […]

“The Island of Skyros,” John Masefield

The Island of Skyros Here, where we stood together, we three men, Before the war had swept us to the East Three thousand miles away, I stand again And hear the bells, and breathe, and go to feast. We trod the same path, to the selfsame place, Yet here I stand, having beheld their graves, […]

Recent DNF Crankiness

As usual, I’m going to avoid mentioning details that might make it easy to identify these books! 1. A steampunky steampunk. Yes, definitely steampunk. In case you missed it. This book which I didn’t finish had perfectly fine prose. It had decent worldbuilding, as in, it had Steampunky Things that were presented gradually as part […]

WWI-era Mysteries?

I’m attempting to compile a list of mystery series that are set during World War One or shortly afterwards (say, through the 1920s) that refer back to the war or the resulting social changes. I am looking for suggestions! Doesn’t matter if you liked the series or not. Here’s what I have so far: –Anne […]