You can find me in Maryland this weekend, with the extinct birds.

I’m off to CapClave, a science fiction convention sponsored by the Washington Science Fiction Society. Program Participants.

I’m only doing a couple of panels this year, and spending the rest of the time catching up with friends and possibly watching a little Dr. Who.

Friday, 6:00 pm, “First Sentence, First Paragraph: What Does It Take To Grab You?”
Great first sentences, to work, have to be sneaky or elegant, or so it has been said. But great first sentences are rare. So what qualities does a novel or story have to have to make you keep reading beyond that first sentence or first paragraph?

Saturday, 11:00 am, “10 Most Important SF Novels”
The panelists bring their list of the 10 most important SF novels … ever. Important in this case is defined as having an impact on the literature, the culture, genre discussion, etc.. They will compare the lists and discuss why they chose what they did. Bring your own list.

2:00 pm, Kaffeeklatsch

Drop by to see me if you’re there!