I haven’t been written any fiction since the end of August – this was on purpose, to give myself a break and to read for research and to, well, just read. (I have been writing a lot of nonfiction blog posts.) But the business of writing doesn’t really stop. (Unless, of course, you ignore your email!)

1. Soon I should be getting an editorial letter on my Spice Brief, which from initial comments, I think will lead to writing some additional scenes. I’ve been thinking about that a little bit. The story is currently scheduled to be out in May.

2. I signed up to submit a short story to a themed anthology, for an editor I’ve worked with before. It’s not a guaranteed sale, of course; that will depend on the mix of stories received. That’s due February 1, but I plan to write it before that, to give the editor extra time, just in case it’s not suitable.

3. A proposal in which I’d participated just wasn’t selling, so my c-writers and I had to withdraw it.

4. I received a contract addendum – I had to review it and make a decision.

5. I received a request from a publisher to submit a short story, so I requested more information about the project. The publisher had read the free story I have available for download, Water Music, and thought something in that style might suit. I am not sure I’ll have anything for them by their deadline, but things could change. I responded, telling them it was unlikely but possible, and I’d be glad to be kept in mind for future projects.