Do you purchase gifts for the various winter holidays? In particular, do you purchase items online and have them shipped?

I’m asking because I don’t live near most of my family. I was once very adept at choosing things that I could fit into a suitcase, even carrying along my own wrapping paper. But I’ve given that up since most airlines now charge a fee for checked baggage. Now I stick to small things that can fit in my carry-on luggage; I’ve also wrapped and shipped things myself. But it’s certainly easier to have the retailer ship the items for me, particularly since I don’t have a car, and must carry everything to the post office myself. Not so useful for shipping in bulk.

What are your favorite online retailers? I am especially interested in retailers that ship food (cookies, cakes, fancy cheeses, etc.); soaps and lotions; scented candles; and similar usable items.