Russian Translation of The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover

I somehow missed this when it first came out, but there is a Russian translation of The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover. Here’s the page at Harlequin Russia. – Где ты черпаешь вдохновение? Иногда вдохновение на написание романов является реакцией на уже прочитанное. Или когда я начинаю думать о той или иной […]

Betty Neels’ Books Rock – Guest Post by Magdalen Braden

Please welcome my guest, Magdalen Braden of Promantica!  A while back, I posted some thoughts on romance author Betty Neels.  Strangely, that post keeps getting hits…more than I would expect.  Alas, though I think her work is a fascinating part of the romance genre, I haven’t yet read enough of Neels’ enormous backlist to talk about […]

On Getting Away with Cliché

After a small hiatus from the genre, I started reading romance novels again in December, and I have some new thoughts. The reason for my burnout: the constraints of the genre had palled. Instead of soothing through familiarity, they scraped across my nerves because of their sameness. I found myself skimming over scenes of first […]

Cover Reveal – “Under Her Uniform”

Under Her Uniform by Victoria Janssen Isobel Hailey has disguised herself as a man so she can fight in the British Army in World War I. Only a few people know the truth, including her two officer lovers–so why can’t she stop thinking about handsome Corporal Andrew Southey instead? Isobel has to keep her wits […]

The Head Girl at the Gables, Angela Brazil – WWI Challenge

The Head Girl at the Gables by Angela Brazil (1919) is available for free download at I chose this book for the The WWI Challenge for several reasons. I already had it on my e-reader, along with a number of others by the same author. I needed to read an English school story as […]