Short Story Sale!

Sale! No matter how many stories I’ve sold so far, it’s still cheering when I sell another, particularly when it’s a new story rather than a reprint. I’ve sold an erotic short story, “8:00 PM Appointment Tee Vee” to a Cleis anthology entitled Morning, Noon, and Night, edited by Alison Tyler. I love the idea […]

Coriolanus (2011)

I saw the Ralph Fiennes-directed movie of “Coriolanus” several weeks ago, in one of our local art-movie theaters. I had never seen the play performed, and had never read it, though I did read a detailed summary ahead of time. As you can tell from the still, Fiennes chose to use a contemporary setting, and […]

The Gorgeousness of Cat (in The Windflower)

I recently wrote about classic romance novel The Windflower by Laura London for Heroes & Heartbreakers. In that post, I didn’t have a chance to talk about one of the most notable secondary characters, Cat, whose surname we eventually learn is (probably) Cathcart – it isn’t clear whether he uses it or not. After I’d […]