Sale! No matter how many stories I’ve sold so far, it’s still cheering when I sell another, particularly when it’s a new story rather than a reprint.

I’ve sold an erotic short story, “8:00 PM Appointment Tee Vee” to a Cleis anthology entitled Morning, Noon, and Night, edited by Alison Tyler. I love the idea of the anthology; it has one story for each hour of the day. I don’t know the release date yet, but will put it on my “publications” page as soon as I have it.

I’m especially pleased that my story will be right next to one by my buddy Kate Pearce, who wrote the 9:00 PM story. I wonder who wrote 7:00 PM?

Here’s a teaser, the first three lines of my story:

Tuesday nights are their television nights. When they meet, Sven hasn’t seen Martha’s favorite show, on the air for only three episodes. Martha is already in love with the tweedy mentor character, Knightley.

Doesn’t that make you want to read more?