I’ve been asked several times recently what I’m currently writing. Here’s the answer.

I don’t currently have a novel under contract, but I am writing a novel anyway. It’s not an erotic novel, and probably won’t include any sex scenes. Well, maybe one. We’ll see. I’m only about eighty pages into the manuscript, and though I have a synopsis and an outline, and a giant pile of research material, I figure out a lot of things as I go along. My writing method is often referred to as “pantsing” (as opposed to “plotting”). I know the general shape, but I work out many of the intermediate events as I go along.

When I first began attempting to write novels, they were all either fantasy or science fiction, and I’ve been longing to return to those genres – though all of my novels for Harlequin Spice had fantasy elements, they were primarily erotica. I’m calling this new project a historical fantasy, with romantic elements. It’s set in Manchester, England, a little prior to World War One, and involves people who have psychic powers. And…that’s all I’m willing to talk about right now. I’m in such early stages that anything I said now probably won’t end up being true of the final product, anyway. Also, I just prefer to hold ideas secret as long as I can; if I talk about them too much, I start to lose interest in the actual writing part.

Thanks for asking!

Also, I continue to write blog posts. Here’s one on My Dearest Holmes by Rohase Piercy.