I’m at WisCon this weekend – which also means I can visit two of my favorite stores ever, A Room of One’s Own and The Soap Opera.

Also, the Periphery anthology – lesbian science fiction edited by Lynne Jamneck – has been re-released in a wide variety of e-formats. My story “Silver Skin,” which is really three very short stories tied together with additional material, is in the anthology.

Full Table of Contents:
Origins | Marianne de Pierres
The Voyage Out | Gwyneth Jones
They Came From Next Door | Kristyn Dunnion
Ishtartu | Lyda Morehouse
Mind Games | Tracey Shellito
The Rocky Side of the Sky | Melissa Scott
Angels Alone | Carolyn Ives Gilman
Devulban Dreams | Jean Stewart
Diplomacy | Catherine Lundoff
Silver Skin | Elspeth Potter/Victoria Janssen
The Spark | Cecilia Tan
Sideways | Sharon Wachsler

I am still very impressed to be among such company. You can buy Periphery direct from Untreed Reads, as well as for Kindle and Nook, at Apple iBookstore, at Scribd, at All Romance Books and at DriveThru Fiction.