Guest Post Roundup – also Bjork

My posts, both book previews and otherwise, continue to appear at Heroes & Heartbreakers and The Criminal Element. Here are the most recent: The Strange Fate of Kitty Easton by Elizabeth Speller, second in a series of post-WWI mysteries. Fresh Meat: The Orphanmaster by Jean Zimmerman, a historical romance set in 1663 New Amsterdam (Manhattan). […]

Summer Vacation!

It’s summer, and because I’m pretty busy with the first draft of my current manuscript, I plan to take some time off from blogging. For the rest of June, July, and August, I plan to only post once a week, unless I have big news or a really great idea that I absolutely must write […]

A Diary without Dates, Enid Bagnold – WWI Challenge

My most recent book for The WWI Challenge was Enid Bagnold’s A Diary Without Dates, which is out of copyright and available for free download. It’s a famous work (the author also wrote National Velvet) and one I’ve meant to read for some time. I’m glad the challenge gave me a push! Bagnold worked as […]