My Summer Publications – 2012

I have a few erotic short stories out in anthologies this summer, and one that’s upcoming for the fall.

“The Airplane Story” was out in June 2012 in Girl Fever: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians from Cleis Press. The anthology was edited by my friend Sacchi Green. It’s a very short story – all of them in the anthology are – but fun, I think. You can sort of guess what it’s about from the title. I, umm, couldn’t think of a better title, so I just called it “The Airplane Story” while I was working on it, and, well. As I said. It’s descriptive! And suits the story!

I self-published “The Magnificent Threesome” early in August; it’s been in print a couple of times in anthologies, but not in e-format. It’s available for Kindle and Nook so far. It’s a fun 6000-word short story, a Western historical, but the historicity is more American Western tv-movie world than real world (that was on purpose). Again, the title gives you an important clue abuot the content. Ahem.

“In the Cold With You” was out August 1, 2012 in an Alison Tyler anthology from Spice titled 69: An Erotic Collection. I think it’s only going to be in electronic format. Here’s the Mills and Boon Kindle edition. It’s also available in German: Erotische Erzählungen, translated by Ulrich Georg. Here’s the full table of contents. This story is interesting because I wrote it a really, really long time ago. I reworked it a couple of times over the years, most recently right before I submitted it to Alison. This is the first time anyone out in the world has been able to read it. It’s much more sentimental and romantic than my usual.

Finally, “8:00 PM: Appointment Tee Vee” will be out in November in Morning, Noon and Night: Erotica for Couples from Cleis Press. This one is also edited by Alison Tyler, and features one story for each hour of the day. My story has some elements that fanfiction readers and writers might find amusing, by the way.

And pre-summer, “Under Her Uniform (Hailey’s Story)” was out in May 2012. It’s a Spice Brief, available only in electronic format. It includes characters who appeared in The Moonlight Mistress. You can get it for Kindle; Nook; Harlequin e-book (Adobe editions).

About Victoria Janssen

Victoria Janssen’s first erotic novel, The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover (Harlequin Spice, December 2008), was translated into French and German. Her second Spice novel, The Moonlight Mistress (December 2009), was translated into Italian and nominated for a RT Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award. Her third novel is The Duke & The Pirate Queen (December 2010). She has also published erotic short stories as Elspeth Potter. Her blog features professional writing and marketing tips, genre discussion, book reviews, and occasional author interviews.
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