While my blog was down, I had several novel previews go live.

Fresh Meat: Death Comes to the Village by Catherine Lloyd. A Regency-set historical mystery I enjoyed quite a bit.

Fresh Meat: Iron & Velvet by Alexis Hall, Paranormal lesbian noir with a terrific first-person voice.

First Look: Robin Constantine’s The Promise of Amazing, New Adult.

First Look: Alison DeLaine’s A Gentleman ’Til Midnight, a historical romance with a female ship’s captain.

First Look: Suzanne Brockmann’s Do or Die. First in a new series, loosely tied to the Troubleshooters.

First Look: JL Merrow’s It’s All Geek to Me, a short and sweet male/male romance.

First Look: Jennifer Chance’s Rock It, a contemporary romance in which a talent agent ends up managing her favorite rock star.