I haven’t done a roundup of my work for Heroes and Heartbreakers and The Criminal Element lately, so here is a collection of my recent posts.

First Look: Lauren Gallagher’s Razor Wire, an intense lesbian romance set on an Okinawan military base; the story begins after one of the protagonists has been raped by a superior officer.

Family Issues and Finding Love in Janice Kay Johnson’s One Frosty Night: this was a slightly unusual book for Johnson, in that there’s an underlying possibly-murder mystery that adds depth to the small town setting.

Gods of Gold by Chris Nickson, a historical mystery set in 1890 Leeds amid a labor strikeby an author who’s explored several periods of that city’s history.

The Firebird’s Feather by Marjorie Eccles, a mystery set in 1911 England.

First Look: Isabel Cooper’s The Highland Dragon’s Lady, a historical paranormal romance.