Thoughts on Kenneth Branagh’s As You Like It

Watching Helen Mirren in “The Tempest” got me in the mood for more Shakespeare. I’ve loved Kenneth Branagh’s movie adaptations since his “Henry V,” which I saw in the theater four or five times, and I have been collecting his various Shakespeare movies on DVD. I hadn’t yet seen his 2006 version of “As You […]

“Garrow’s Law,” Series 1

I have a new post up at The Criminal Element today, titled Dynamic Duos: Wimsey and Vane. I recently finished watching Garrow’s Law, Series One. The series is a little bit like Law and Order: Georgian England, with Andrew Buchan in the lead role. It’s about William Garrow, a real historical figure, and how he […]

Life in the Freezer

I really love David Attenborough. He’s so interested in everything, and he communicates his interest through a television screen. Which is a writing lesson–putting yourself and your interests into what you’re saying or writing gives those words more energy. I recently watched the documentary he did on Antarctica, Life in the Freezer. It wasn’t specifically […]