Rand Morgan – Hot Pirate

I bet you thought I was done with talking about The Windflower by Laura London. But how could I be done when I have not yet talked about Rand Morgan, Pirate Extraordinaire? I loved the sheer over-the-top pirateness of Rand’s characterization. Rand Morgan. They say he wore an emerald slit from the belly of a […]

May Pirates! Ahoy!

Read a pirate book in May! You know you want to! A few weeks ago someone brought up the idea on Twitter of reading a pirate book during the month of May. Then everyone in the discussion apparently forgot about it, except me. That means I get to pick the rules, right? So, to play: […]

Retail Pirates

I’m on the road again today, coming back from Boston, so I thought I would share with you the fruits of recent internet searches for Pirate Booty. (You may take that as you will.) Black patent pirate dress flats. “Walk the plank with style in these mighty fine flats that be includin’ a spider-web stlye […]

Sexy Pirates

This post was originally written for The Smutketeers; I’ve expanded it here. Why did I want to write about pirates? Well, because they’re sexy. It’s the outfits, you know. All that silk and tattered finery! The amazing tattoos. The cutlasses. The way they grab hostages and lock them in cabins for their own pleasure. And […]

Why Pirates?

This post was originally written for Inez Kelley’s blog. I have never been a particular fan of pirates. They’re really just thieves on boats, right? (*ducks missiles*) Perhaps that’s why the heroine of The Duke and the Pirate Queen was actually a privateer, sanctioned by her government to hunt pirates. She’s on the side of […]