Basic Gumbo

Here is a basic recipe for one of the best wintertime dishes ever. Gumbo is or is related to an African word for okra, but not all gumbo has okra in it–sometimes file (pronounce with accent on the e) is added as a thickener. File is powdered sassafrass, that you can buy in a jar. […]

November Baked Chicken

Wait for a chilly day so the oven will keep your kitchen warm. Ingredients: –oil, salt, pepper, minced or pressed garlic –a raw chicken –an onion –rosemary and/or sage, fresh Also, a meat thermometer helps a lot. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. In a small bowl, mix a couple tablespoons grapeseed oil or low-grade […]

Basic Chicken Stock

In honor of American Thanksgiving, I give to you a week of receipes. Basic Chicken Stock One really needs a stock pot to make stock. If you use smaller quantities of everything, you can get away with a large saucepan. However, stock takes so long that the time spent isn’t usually worth it, unless you’re […]