Some Recent Research Reading – Late Victorian & Edwardian

Over the last few months, I’ve focused my research reading a little more onto the late Victorian and Edwardian periods in English history. First, I highly recommend King Leopold’s Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa by Adam Hochschild; it’s gripping from end to end, as well as informative about events […]

A Moment of Geek

We interrupt this blog for an important moment of Geek. ‘We Brought Succour to Belgium’, novelist May Sinclair’s brief memoir of 23 September – 25 October 13, 1914, when she was a nurse at Ostend and Antwerp. The coolest part? She mentions seeing a Taube. I cannot adequately convey how absolutely thrilling that is to […]

World War One Linkgasm

New links! African-Americans in the Great War at Edwardian Promenade. Last U.S. WWI veteran dies at 110. Old Links! This rest of this linkgasm is primarily for my own convenience, to replace a bookmarking site that’s closing down, but I thought some of you might appreciate these links I’ve collected over the last few years, […]

Five Thoughts on Historical Worldbuilding

1. I definitely prefer when I can spend a lot of time with the historical background of a story, maybe not overtly by making notes but organically, letting my thoughts come together slowly as I read about different aspects of the time period. Ideally, I could read for several years…but that’s never happened. 2. Eventually, […]

Life in the Freezer

I really love David Attenborough. He’s so interested in everything, and he communicates his interest through a television screen. Which is a writing lesson–putting yourself and your interests into what you’re saying or writing gives those words more energy. I recently watched the documentary he did on Antarctica, Life in the Freezer. It wasn’t specifically […]